Popular with top riders in the UK and other parts of Europe, Aubiose brand hemp horse bedding is known for its superior quality and performance. We are thrilled to make it available to horses in the Pacific Northwest! Experience the dust-free, supreme comfort, and ultra-absorbancy of Aubiose hemp.

Choice of Olympic Champions

Silver Medalist Spencer Wilton prefers Aubiose. Spencer & Jen Goodman’s Super Nova II were selected to represent Great Britain at the 2016 Rio Olympics alongside team mates, Carl Hester MBE, Fiona Bigwood and Charlotte Dujardin CBE. They made Great Britian proud as they brought home the Team Silver Medal.

Spencer’s instagram @SpencerWiltondressage features Aubiose in action with his top horses.

  • Virtually Dust-Free

    The #1 reason to choose our hemp! Rigerously dedusted and of the highest quality, Aubiose is the best choice for sensitive horses, keeps a cleaner stable environment, and is healthier for barn staff.

  • Super Absorbency

    Hemp bedding abosorbs 4x its own weight in liquid drawing it away from the surface. This effectively controls ammonia odors and even dehydrates manure for a dry and clean smelling stall.

  • Extremely Efficient

    Requires 7-10 times less bedding than pine! This high performance bedding system requires minimal maintenance. After the initial setup, you only need to add a small amount of bedding once per week.

Choice of Olympic Champions

Aubiose is the proud bedding of choice for French Rio Olympic gold medalist Astier Nicolas. He says “Premium hemp litter, it has a high absorbency and allows easy use for reduced consumption. It represents for my stables a significant saving of time and money. It also meets the recommendations of veterinarians for horses experiencing respiratory problems, thanks to its dusted material. It brings optimal comfort to my horses in their box.”

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